Friday, 3 February 2012

I made it to the gym this morning!  30 minutes on the treadmill had me feeling great.  I also had a great smoothie of soy milk, chocolate protein whey powder and a banana, which I drank before and after my workout.  I've been doing great with my eating habits, choosing healthier options with more vegetables and fewer carbs.  I also had a client today who told me about Mindful Meditation.  She says it has been clinically proven to be better than some medications in treating illness and depression - I have to make time for this!

I also did a little research on alternatives to brown rice.  There is a great link here with some information on products I've heard about but know little of:

And yesterday after work I picked up a bread maker that I got on FreeCycle.  For anyone who is looking for something for free, or has something to give away for free, this site is amazing!  I have been given a dehumidifier, food processor and now a bread maker.  I also gave away the boxes I used for moving to someone else who was moving.  You need a Yahoo! email address but thats not hard to get.  Check it out:

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