Friday, 27 April 2012

A New Normal

I started to write this post a while ago but never completed it.  With my evenings a little more tied up with exercise (versus going in the mornings) and my new use of Pinterest I haven't spent much time writing.  Its time to get back at it!

Over the past few months now I've been exercising lots and eating healthier - its been great and I'm starting to see results. Anyone who has gained and then lost weight knows just how GOOD it feels to fit into your clothes again. Not having to unbutton my jeans while at a movie (which were even made with spandex, I might add) feels wonderful and is a sure confidence boost. I stopped weighing myself - the progress is not fast enough and the numbers can be disappointing while you wait. Increased muscle also adds mass and can be deceiving. The difference in how I feel is enough to keep me motivated.  


I've made several delicious and easy clean-eating recipes lately which I posted previously - Spicy Chicken Sausage and Mushroom Soup (found on my "Bowled Over at Runner's World" link) and Spicy Baked Chickpeas. Both were super easy, satisfying and delicious!


While at work, my eating habits are great. Especially if I'm busy, I eat only what I need and it's mostly healthy. But when I go home, watch out! Eating seconds, and finishing it with cookies and/or chocolate is a bad habit I need to change ASAP. I did well at the start of the week but have since wavered as I got tired. Because I exercise I think I'm justified by eating more. My goal is now to choose healthier options when hungry. Food that fill without the calories are ideal. Air-popped popcorn is one favorite I'm going to reach for.  


With my new running buddy Kristy, I've been getting lots of great mileage and pushing myself to the limits. We ran the Flat Out 5K several weekends ago, and then the Mundy Pond 5K (where I scored a personal best at 30:28!)  Next weekend we have the Burton's Pond 5K