Thursday, 6 February 2014

A New Start on Blogging

It has been a long, long time since I've posted anything and I think its time I started again. I often go back and forth on whether or not blogging is something I want to spend time doing. I've always felt that I'd rather spend the time it would take to write, to "do" instead. But I am so passionate abut my interests that I think it would give me joy to share them, and hopefully inspire someone else to try them. Particularly cooking, baking and running. Today I had my first green smoothie since August so this feels like the perfect day.

I was given a loan of my brother's Nutribullet after I said I was dreaming of a Vitamix. Calvin told me that the Nutribullet is as effective as the Vitamix and about 1/5 of the cost! He offered to loan it to me so I could see for myself - and am I ever grateful!! I was completely amazed with the power of the Nutribullet. Unable to afford the pricy Vitamix right now, I thought I was doomed to a life of drinking green smoothies with huge kale chunks and half-crushed ice througj a jumbo straw. But, today my wish came true, and I enjoyed drinking a smooth smoothie (its called that for a reason!)

Here it is below in all its glory. I drank some before I thought of taking a picture.

- handful of spinach
- 1 stalk celery
- 1/2 apple
- 2 tb hemp protein powder (10g protein)
- 2 dates (pitted)
- 1 cup cranberries (frozen)
- 1 tb Chia seeds


I found this very tasty and I was full until lunch time.

Lunch consisted of vegetarian lasagna and a garden salad with avocado. Supper was delicious pumpkin chili.

Lets hope this blog entry is just the beginning!