Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I didn't make it to the gym last Friday.  I was tired and needed a break.  Doing good so far this week.

Monday: Running (40 mins)
Tuesday: Exercise bike (5 mins to warm up) and Weight training (upper body)
Wednesday: Running - Hill Training (25 mins)

I am going to focus more on weight training just because I haven't done it enough and there are so many benefits.  I'd also like to become a personal trainer for the information, and perhaps a part-time job.  I want to get myself into shape before I tell other people how to do it!  I'm going to focus on weight lifting for runners.  I'm getting back into running and love it!


I'm eating healthier, and eating less.  I forgot my lunch on Monday and was pleased to learn I didn't die when I couldn't snack all morning!  It was an eye-opener that I needed.  I can live on less food than I thought I needed.


Lee told me I need to learn how to relax.  I took his advice and I have to agree.  When it came out I said "I don't know how to relax".  I'm always doing something whether its baking, cooking, cleaning, researching, etc.  I love doing things!!  But doing too much can reduce your ability to enjoy what you are doing.  I've been relaxing these past few nights watching TV, knitting, etc.  I've been cleaning what needs to be cleaned and making meals that are healthy but basic.  Its working, and I feel more relaxed.  Lee shaved Brandie a little too close and now she needs a sweater!  This is what I'm making:


Today is our 6 month anniversary.  We're going to Bacalao to celebrate.  :)

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