Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Beginnings

For most, January represents more than just another month: it's the start of a new year and the opportunity to live your best life. Other events can also trigger the reset button: a new school term, a new job, a new vehicle, etc. What motivates us can be just as different as the changes we aim to make. 

In making your new year resolutions, try this approach to make effective and lasting change.

How to Make Effective Resolutions 

1) Identify your goal

2) List the purpose(s) of your goal. Why is it important that you achieve it?

3) Describe specific activities you will engage in to reach your objective. 

4) Give yourself a deadline or set aside an amount of time (daily, weekly) to devote to the activities you listed absolve. Set realistic timeframes and allow some extra time for delays. 

5) If possible, team up with a friend to support one another in your efforts. 

6) Review your goals and progress toward them, regularly. I plan to set aside 30 minutes each Sunday. It is better to do this with a friend so that you will feel more accountable, and motivated. 

7) Write it down. For each step above, it is not enough to simply think of your goals or talk about them; "write it down and make it happen."

So, do you have goals in mind or are you looking for inspiration? Here is my list of objectives for 2015. I feel it's an ambitious one, but here's to reaching for the moon.

My 2015 New Year Resolutions

1) Blog
Goal: write 1 post each week. 
Time: 15 minutes/week
Purpose: share information, write my thoughts, creative outlet, motivate others. 
Topics: exercise, recipes, spirituality, organization, financial tips, local events, news, TV/movies/music, shopping, reviews, kitchen gadgets, human rights, etc. 

2) Read
Goal: read 30 minutes each day. 
Purpose: to grow intellectually and spiritually, to have read the classics (which are classics for good reason), learn about human nature, relax. 
Books: (many that I already have and just never read or finished reading) "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, "Seriously... I'm Kidding" by Ellen Degeneres (book 2 of 5 from a friend's book club Christmas gift) and many more. 

3) Exercise
Goal: exercise a minimum of 30 minutes each day. 
Purpose: improved mental wellness (exercise is as good for themind as it is the body), improved physical health, lose weight, better self-image and self-confidence. 
Types: running is my favourite form of exercise and I am currently following a program from The Running Room's John Stanton aptly titled "Running". I plan to supplement this with weight training and walking. 

4) Financial Freedom
Goal: pay off debt, acquire no more and grow a savings account
Purpose: freedom, options, confidence, opportunities, eliminate financial worries and stress. 
Methods: use only debit or cash (NO credit cards), don't buy something unless it is necessary, buy used or on sale if possible.

5) Declutter and Live Minimalistically 
Goal: get rid of clutter and unnecessary things. Bring limited things into the home. 
Purpose: it's easier and feels better to live in space rather than things, improved mental clarity and sense of freedom, less financial wastage. 
Strategies: immediately dispose of unwanted things once acquired (mail especially), borrow things where possible, recognize when it is unnecessary to purchase something, donate or dispose of unneeded things. 

There you go! Perhaps having this out there will help you find some ideas for yourself and also keep me accountable to my goals. Happy New Year and may you be blessed with happiness, health and prosperity in 2015. 

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